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Message from Mike Echols:  Lucky Eleven Saturday August 8th at Caddo Lake.  Weigh-in at Buzzard Bay Landing.  Three-fish limit.  Eleven pounds or more gets you a check.  Call Mike at 318 465-6453 to enter with credit card or enter Saturday morning at Buzzard Bay.



Message from Mike Echols:  Lucky Eleven Tournament this Saturday, August 8th at Caddo Lake.  Three (3) fish limit.  11 pounds or more gets you a check.  Start fishing time TBA. Stop fishing at 1 pm.  Enter at Bayou Outdoor Supercenter’s boat store, or contact Mike Echols at 318 465-6453.


Message from Mike Echols:  Back by popular demand .... another Lucky Eleven Tournament will be held Saturday, August 8th on Caddo.  Same format as last week .... 3 fish limit, 11 pounds is the target weight.  Start-fishing time will be announced Thursday August 6th.  Stop fishing will be at 1:00 p.m.  You must be on the bank at Buzzard Bay Landing by 1:30 if you have 11 pounds or more, or you think you have big bass.  Enter at Bayou Outdoor Supercenter’s Boat Store, or call me at 318 -465-6453 with credit card info, or enter at BBL the morning of the 8th.


Message from Mike Echols:   NEWS FLASH!!!  Louisiana fishing licenses expire today June 30th.  You must have your 2020-2021 licenses to fish Cash Splash Thursday night.  Make a mad dash some place tomorrow and get your new licenses. 

HOT WATER FISH CARE:  You should have a minimum of 20 to 30 lbs. of ice in a separate ice chest in your boat.  Also, some large frozen water, coke or gator aide bottles.  Forget the superstition about filling the live well before you catch the first fish.  Fill them early and add 10 to 15 lbs. of ice.  Water temp below 65 degrees will shock the fish so not too cold.  Then add the required amount of G Juice, rejuvenate or whatever you have confidence in.  Turn the recirculators on and let run all day.  Check periodically during the day adding a couple of handfuls of ice as needed.  Also, laying your 2 life jackets on the live well lids while you’re not running will help insulate the inside.  Try to keep the water temp between 70 and 85 degrees.  When you reach weigh-in site DO NOT RUSH UP AND THEN STAND OUTSIDE THE HOLDING TANKS.  If there is a line then wait a few minutes at your boat.  Also, you cannot neglect your fish during the day, then put them in ice in a weigh in bag and expect them to survive.  Help us protect our fish, there are not enough in some of our lakes to be careless with. 

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