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Message from Mike Echols (318-465-6453):  Cash Splash Championship tomorrow on Cross Lake American Legion.  3-fish limit and $12,000 up for grabs.  A couple of things to remember........Launch anywhere, BUT ALL TEAMS MUST COME TO THE LEGION TO BE RELEASED BY THEIR TEAM NUMBER (The number they finished for the year.)  Get in line according to your number and you must idle by the end of the long pier at the Legion.  Release time will be SAFE LIGHT!!!! That could be as late as 7 a.m. if it is cloudy -- it has to be light enough to release almost 70 boats safely, not just light enough for you to make a cast.  Lines out of the water by 3:00 and be in the tanks by 3:45 

We are looking forward to a great tournament and wish to thank all of you for your support this year.  Good Luck tomorrow and be safe and courteous. 



Message from Mike Echols (318-465-6453):  JUST A REMINDER.................The Cash Splash Championship is next Saturday, Sept. 25th out of the American Legion. The lake is OFF LIMITS this coming Monday the 20th thru Friday the 24th.  Also, NO RECIEVING ANY INFORMATION ABOUT THE LAKE OR FISHING THERE during the off-limits period.  Also, teams need to be registered by this coming Wednesday, the 22nd, $100 cash paid at Bayou Outdoor Powersports.

You may launch anywhere that morning but all teams must come to the Legion to be released in order after safe light.  Your team # for this tournament will be the number you finished for the year in overall points.  If you launch at the Legion, please have $5 for the launch fee and remember that parking must be done starting at the farthest spot and working towards the ramp area.  This is required by the Legion for us to use the facility.

Thanks for your support in making our tournaments a success. 


Message from Mike Echols (318-465-6453):  The final standings for CASH SPLASH for the year and the championship qualifiers has been posted.  You can find it on the CASH SPLASH page under “Overall Standings”.  We dropped the one tournament you missed or dropped your lowest finish.  Teams finishing in the Top 50 are highlighted in Blue and teams that entered at 7 events are highlighted in green.  Your team number for the Championship will be where you finished for the year.  REMEMBER … THE LAKE WILL BE OFF LIMITS MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 THRU FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 24.  NO RECEIVING ANY INFO ABOUT THE LAKE DURING THAT PERIOD.  The tournament is September 25.  Entry is $100.  We will go out of the American Legion and will probably fish till 3:00 p.m.  Any questions please call me at 318.465.6453.  Thanks for your support this year – Mike.

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