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Tournament News

POSTED THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 6:45 PM: Black Lake roster has been updated as of the time of this post. If you have registered after this time, it will be posted tomorrow. Any questions, call Mike, 318.465.6453.

POSTED THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 4:25:  Just want to remind y’all of a few things.  We will be on the North side of the bridge at Black Lake Lodge for the weigh in -- NOT THE CHANDLERS SIDE.  Launch anywhere but make sure there are 2 people launching.  Doing that by yourself will only tie up the ramps longer.  Black Lake Lodge, Chandlers, West Wind, Sandy Point and Dixons are available sites.  (I do not know where Sandy Point or Dixons are.)  Start fishing at 6:30 a.m.  Stop at 3:00 p.m. and you have till 4:00 to check in at the bag line.  YOU MAY BRING YOUR FISH UP IN YOUR OWN BAG BUT YOU STILL HAVE TO CHECK IN AT BAG LINE.

Again, if you are fishing at the bridge or on the channel you cannot block passage of any boats coming by.  Nor can you tell anyone to go around you.  They have the right of way. Please be patient and courteous, and we will have a good event. Thanks.

POSTED THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 8:32 AM: The Black Lake Roster has been posted. Teams that have not registered as of this post have a line drawn through their number. As teams register, the roster page will be updated by removing the strike-over for the teams registering.

POSTED WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27TH:   I just returned from Black Lake and we ARE going to have the tournament March 2nd. There was a lot of thought put into the decision and it can only take place with the help of the entire field. At this time all the ramps are usable but I STRONGLY URGE NO ONE TO TRY AND LAUNCH BY THEMSELVES. This will only cause a delay at the ramp, so if you don't have a partner ask someone to help back you in. The Chandler side ramp is the worst right now but they promised they would have it marked with poles by Friday. The trailer and weigh site will be on the Black Lake Lodge side so be aware of where it is located.  I will take late entries Saturday morning there.
We are making a few changes to accommodate the crowd:
1. Start fishing time will be 6:30 a.m., this is a few minutes later than normal but it will ease the rush going out so that time stands.
2. We will allow 1 hour (instead of 30 minutes) for check in so that will be 4:00 instead of 3:30 p.m.

3. Because fish care is not a big issue this time of year and distance will be great from boats to weigh in site, we will allow teams to use their own bags.  HOWEVER, YOU STILL HAVE TO CHECK IN AT THE BAG TABLE. 

4. Anyone fishing at the bridge or on the channel -- You cannot block passage in any way, or be rude to boats coming by.  Also, no fishing within 25 yards of a boat previously anchored with troll motor out of the water.  Power poles are considered anchors.

I will put out the times again tomorrow in another letter. If you enter with a credit card please try to call me Thursday and Friday so as not to tie up the staff at Bayou.  

POSTED FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22:  Here is the decision we have made for the March 2nd Tournament on Black Lake -- It will go on as scheduled.  If by next Wednesday, February 27th, the water is in the parking lots and prohibits launching and parking, the Tournament will be cancelled.  NO MAKE UP.  Let’s hope the water does not get that high.

If that happens I will hold an Open Tournament on Caddo Lake with the same entry fee, 82% payback, no points or Bonus Bucks.  If you have already entered the BOSS tournament and you want to use that money for the Open Event you can. 

I do not have all the details if that event does occur but we will work it out between Wednesday and Friday.

 POSTED MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19:   I stated all along that if Black Lake was high enough to be in the parking lots that we would have to move the March tournament to Toledo Bend out of Converse.  The Weather Service has just started predicting a possibility of up to 5 inches of rain this week.  If this happens it will not be possible to go to Black Lake.  Let’s hope that once again the weather man is wrong.  With the water up in the parking lots it is impossible to hold a tournament with 100 plus boats, trucks and trailers.  Let’s just wait and see what the next 4 days bring.


POSTED FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2019: The 2019 BOSS Tournament page is now updated.  Be sure and check out the link for SIDE POT PAIRINGS for March 2nd.

2019 Camus Electric B.O.S.S. Tournament Trail


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