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Tournament News

Okay.....the Championship is just a couple of weeks away and I think we will have a great event. To see the final standings go to the BOSS on "learn more"...then click on "over standings"......that will show final points after all 4 events. The cut off of teams that made the Championship goes thru 476 points, excluding on team  above that who did not fish all 4 tournaments. A total of 90 teams made it and We need you to sign up as soon as possible. We cannot divide the field until everyone enters. PLEASE PAY UP AND ENTER BY WEDNESDAY MAY 31 SO WE CAN FINALIZED EVERYTHING.


THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017:  The OVERALL STANDINGS for the BOSS Tournament Trail have been pulled.  We have been having some technical issues getting the correct information calculated.  Please be patient with us while we work to get this corrected.  We hope to have it the correct information ready to post on Friday.  Thank you.


The roster will be posted here later today, still have teams entering so its not complete yet. Please look your team number up this evening so you know it...CORRECTLY...when you ck in. Start fishing time is 5:55 a.m.  Stop at 3:00 and be cked in at Red River South by 4:00 p.m.. The trailer may be by the pavilion, not sure yet. If you fish the River remember that Cowleys, Barge Turn Around and Stephens Lake in Pool 4 are off limits. These areas have been off limits for years in every thing we do, and no...its not posted in and rules. It is the anglers responsibility to check on the area they wish to fish to see if its fishable waters. Good Luck , be safe and see you tomorrow.

Some questions about this weekends event and weigh in..........Nothing will change. I realize that the vast majority of teams will go to Cross lake and it would be more convenient if the weigh in was there. However, once we put something in print, we try to never change it unless its a safety issue. The Red River waterway Commission said today that they expected Red River South and the Launches in Pool 4 to remain open so that does not constitute a change. Also, it would only take one team not getting the message to cause a BIG PROBLEM. Thank you for your support and understanding, good luck and be safe.  

The All City Championship is this coming Saturday April 22. Plenty of space left if you want to enter but.......

THERE IS A 5 DAY OFF LIMITS PERIOD, MONDAY APRIL 17 THRU FRIDAY APRIL 21.....THIS IS PRINTED IN THE RULES THAT YOU SIGNED. If you go in the lake this week you will be D Qed at Fridays Rules Meeting. This event has always had an off limits period and is sponsored again by the Shreveport Times. This is the reason we are skipping this weeks Cash Splash. Please tell your partner, it is your responsibility to know the rules of each tournament you enter.

POSTED APRIL 7TH:  Cash Splash April 6 results  AND  Cash Splash Overall Standings are now posted.

APRIL 1 RESULTS and OVERALL STANDINGS are now posted on the BOSS Tournament Page.

OVERALL STANDINGS are posted directly over the RULES.

Individual ROSTERS have been moved.  You can now find them directly below the RULES.

Start fishing time Saturday April 1st is 6:36 am

The Landers Ram CashSplash starts this Thursday at 4:15 at Cross Lake Public Ramp. $55 perteam 3 fish limit. Paying 3 places in the Youth Division also.Entries at Bayou and Bacons Tackle. Plenty of room left in the All CityChampionship so enter that also.

Start fishing time for Saturday morning will be 6:13 a.m. 

New Comer Winners of free entry to next event.





COMPLETE RESULTS:  February 4, 2017

1st Holder/Burghart 24.72

2nd Botica/Lee  23.78 

3rd Brown/Reliford  23.42

4th Deaver/Hester  22.54

5th Danzy/Moore 19.20

6th Brown/Yelverton 18.94

7th Craig /Ellingwood 18.70

8th Caldwell/Igo 18.44

9th Carson/Garrett 18.30

10th McGowen/Stewart  18.14

11th Bedgood /Hester 18.12

12th Martin/Massey  18.09

13th Dupree/Hunt 18.05

14thHolman/Norris 17.78

15th Kottenbrook/Shaddock 17.40

16th Pate/Pate 17.35

17th Ray/Wolff 17.26

18th. Pate/Shaw 16.90

19th Burt/Perz 16.52

20th Kellogg/Long 16.34

21st Tony/VanArsdale 16.27

22nd Hernandez/Hodges 16.25

23rd McCarty/Ryan  16.00

24th Kennington/Virgilitto 15.99

25th Deem/Williford 15.95

26th Carpenter/Hand 15.87

26th Bass/Watson 15.87

28th Duck/Duck 15.42

29th Williams/Williams 15.28

30th Mathews/Ryan 15.16

31th Hood/Lutterman 15.12

32nd Canizaro/Deweese 14.97

33rd Leppert/Leppert 14.92

34th Blythe/Leppert 14.78 

35th Morgan/Pharr 14.59

36th Beshea/Wray 14.45

37th Collins/Undeclared 14.09

38th Herrington/Fuller 14.07

39th Farrar/Farrar 14.02

40th Minogue/Watkins 14.01

41st Johnson/Johnson 13.71 

42nd Curley/Anderson 13.62  Big Bass 7.33

43rd Stewart/Williams 13.55

44th Landry /Morgan 13.09

45th Brazzell/Clemens 13.05

46th Rich/Undeclared 12.84

47th Havard/Landry 12.36

48th Conly/Lee 11.93

49th Kirkland/Smith 11.92

50th Faircl;oth/Haley 11.62

51st Clark /Whittington 11.59

52nd Lee/Lee 11.57

53rd Greene/Karnes 11.23

54th McCormick/McCormick 10.84

55th Wolff/Wolff 10.78

56th Hanley/Mitchell 10.07

57th Cruse/Taylor  9.71

58th Kilpatrick/Reeves 9.65

59th Cliburn/Rice 9.54

60th  Bamburg/Ryland 9.44

61st Walker/White 9.18

62nd Phipps/Phipps 8.68

63rd Russell/Sherrer 8.45

64th White/White 8.07

65th Roberts/Smith 7.77

66th Daniels/McCoy 7.69

67th Thompson/Undeclared  6.69

68th Harlan/Mitchell 6.55

69th Cork/Hester 6.36

70th Lee/Owen 4.96

71st Smith/Williams 4.82

72nd Dollar/Lee 4.67

73th Pyles/Russell 4.58

74th Allison/Minogue 4.34

75th Keith/Keith 3.71

76th. Groves/Hill 1.78

77th Jones/Jones  1.71 

78th thru 106th Zeroed


POSTED 1/31/17

The BOSS Tournament is this weekend and there are a couple of things you need to know.  The 2017 Tournament portion of the new website is still under construction so the roster and results aren't available on the website.  So you will not be able to get your team number before this tournament.  When you come to the check-in point Saturday, give Greg both last names and he will give you your team number.  Please remember this number when you get up to the scales.

You do not have to select your lake when you enter the event.  However once you select the lake to fish you cannot swap lakes during the day.  THIS IS NOT THE BOAT SHOW TOURNAMENT.

Start fishing time Saturday is 6:39 a.m.  Stop at 3:00 p.m., and be checked in at Red River South by 4:00 p.m.

The 2017 Sate Fair Boat SHow Tournament was a huge success. 93 teams entered and 38 teams got a check. Congrats to Kevin Guice and Jamey Myers for 1st place with 2 fish weighing 14.30 lbs to win $3,000.00. Second place and Big Bass went to Mike Craig and Jerry Lutterman, their big fish was 9.65 lbs and got $500 on top of the $2,000.00

Entry forms for B.O.S.S. are out now at Bayou, please go by and pick one up. The new format will be explained and if you have any questions just call me at 318  465-6453.

PLEASE NOTE: Recent TOURNAMENT NEWS posted here includes information about 3 events, so please scroll down to see all the different stories.  

Don't forget to come by Bayou in the morning to sign up for the All City Championship. 8:30  $200 per team



Bottom line -- The Sportsman's Paradise sucks right now. Many of the lakes that we use on our schedule each year are in bad shape due to the salvania and or draw downs. While individual anglers may not agree, from the logistical stand point for a 100 plus boat tournament we are in a bind.  Also, the success B.O.S.S. has had over the last 5 years has created some issues. We have just about out grown the capacity of some of our favorite lakes. As a Tournament Director, dealing with complaints about overcrowding and discourteous competitors has increased each year. All this has prompted us to make a change in the 2017 Landers/Ram B.O.S.S. trail format.  With 110 teams participating, we have about 220 different opinions and nothing suits everyone I realize. However, I did poll 14 different anglers and 13 were in favor of this new format and understood the reason behind the change, So here it is.

2017 B.O.S.S. Schedule

Feb 4:  Scramble Choice of Black Lake, Bistineau,  Caddo,  Cross, Red River or Toledo Bend.

March 4:  Choice of Bistineau or Black Lake.

April 1:  Choice of Caddo Lake or Toledo Bend.

May 6:  Choice of Cross Lake or Red River.

June 3 & 4:  Championship.  To be drawn at February Weigh In

Start fishing times will be 30 minutes before legal sunrise. Stop fishing will be at 3:00 p.m. and check in time at weigh site will be 4:00 p.m.  ALL WEIGH INS WILL BE AT RED RIVER SOUTH MARINA OR TEAGUE PARKWAY DEPENDING ON AVAILABLITY. 

This is a BIG CHANGE I know, but it will drastically reduce the number of boats on a given lake each month. The lakes were PAIRED for each month in accordance with the weights they are capable of producing. I sincerely hope that most teams that have and plan to participate understand these changes.  If not, I respect your opinion and understand. But remember this change has been made with one intent -- to make the circuit better for the majority.  Entry forms will be out by the Boat Show. 


FISHING TOURNAMENT NEWS (Posted January 10, 2017)


The Shreveport Times All City Championship registration will start this Saturday 8:30 a.m. at Bayou Outdoors. This event will be limited to 100 teams with any u201cpast winning teamsu201d having a guaranteed slot into the tournament and will be on Cross Lake April 22.  Entry forms will be available at Bayou Saturday morning. The Times is guaranteeing a $20,000.00 payout with lots of press coverage for the overall event. Team numbers will not be given at time of registration, you will draw for your number on Friday night at the Rules meeting and supper at the American Legion. 

2017 LANDERS/RAM B.O.S.S. TOURNAMENT TRAIL (begins 2/4/17)

For everyone looking for information about the Landers/Ram B.O.S.S. Tournament Trailu2026.we are working on the lakes and the format as we speak. The dates are Feb. 4, March 4, April 1 and May 6. Championship will be June 3 & 4. All decisions will be final in a few days. SO entry forms should be out by next week. 


Entry forms for the State Fair Boat, Sport & RV Show Tournament are also available at Bayou Outdoors. The format is the same as last year -- 2 man team, 2 fish limit and 10 lakes to choose from.



REGISTRATION for the 2017 Times All-City Championship fishing tournament will open at 8:30a.m., January 14th, at the Bayou Outdoor Supercenter boat store, 4306 East Texas Street, Bossier City.  The tournament is scheduled for Saturday, April 22, 2017.

Signup will be on a first-come, first-served basis.  Ten spots will be reserved for previous winners of the event and when more than 100 two-person teams register, additional teams will be added to a waiting list.  The entry fee is $200 per 2-person team.

The entry forms are currently being finalized according to Times sponsorships and events manager emily Knecht.  Watch for further announcements in THE TIMES and at SHREVEPORTTIMES.COM for details on the payout and prizes to be awarded.

Bayou Outdoor Supercenter is the presenting sponsor. Tournament Director is Mike Echols. He can be reached at 318-465-6453.

Holy Angels Tournament (8/13/16)

Just want everyone to be aware of the Benefit Tournament for Holy Angels coming up August 27. Bayou Outdoors and Hook N Up & Track N Down Radio are sponsors this year and it will be the largest event the 2nd half of 2016.

A team event with an entry of $ 200 and an optional $10 Big Bass and only a 3 fish limit. New this year also...this a scramble tournament with 6 different lakes to fish. Red River, Cross, Caddo, Bistineau, Grand Bayou and Toledo Bend are on the list.  $5000.00 GUARANTEED FOR 1ST PLACE. Plus your entry gets you a wrist band that affords each angle "All You Can Eat" from 5 different vendors. Weigh in will be at Red River South Marina along with a raffle and auction following the weigh in.

You can enter on line or pick one up at Bayou Outdoors. Also, Thursday, Friday evening and Saturday morning you can enter at Red River South. Please come out and support this great cause by fishing or at least coming to the weigh in.   

2017 Landers Ram B.O.S.S. Tournament Trail


2017 High School Fishing League

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